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The Winners of the Big Wow Baby Award

  • The Walt Hillman Trucking Homepage
    Naturally our site was the first winner of the Wow Baby because we created the award. Some say this is why the qualifications for the Big Wow Baby are kept secret.

    Free truck and load matching service and lots of transportation-related links.

    This site has links to just about anything you can think of pertaining to transportation. Trucking companies, government sites, fuel prices, truck dealers, truckstops, & much more.

    Great resource page for shippers, transporters, & drivers

  • Cross Trucking
    Submit your favorite "Trucker's Tale" for the story contest
    or a picture of your truck for the picture page.

    Hands Over Miles easily Reaching Out Across Divides is A Supportive Forum for Truck drivers and Their Families.

  • Dragonfly's Homepage
    A page for truckers, veterans, missing kids, and pets. Duke the dog has his own page too.

  • Unity 1
    J. S. Crawford & Son Transport of Mississauga, Ontario has created a rolling tribute to International unity. Take a look at the rest of their company site while you're there. Very well done!

  • Equipment Search
    A worldwide database of new and used trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, aviation, industrial, automobile, boats, rv's, along with specialized financing for these industries. Trade magazines and newspapers plus a chat message service.

  • Where's Wilson?
    Travel the US & Canada with OTRX driver Merle Wilson and his wife/co-driver Lynne, who is also the webmaster of this terrific site. Take the Trucker's Quiz, check out their Trucker Buddy class, or locate a Park-n-View Truckstop. This site proves that truckers are real people!

  • King Turbo's Palace
    Australian trucker King Turbo provides a little information on trucks and trucking in the land down under, with pictures & links to lots of cool stuff.

  • 2step's Homepage
    A truckdriver's perspective on trucking, government, politics, and much more.

  • Kiwisurf's Homepage
    Very interesting site by a trucker from New Zealand.

  • Stephen McGrath's Peripheral Vision
    A personal insite into trucking from a Canadian Perspective. Lots of links, articles and information including trucking IRC.

  • Truckers Parking
    This great site by driver Mike Adams addresses many issues affecting both truckers and four-wheelers.

  • Sassy's Internet Interstate
    We should have created a Gold Wowbaby for this one! This amazing site created by a trucker's wife has it all. This is the home of the Green Ribbon Campaign and a lot of other fantastic stuff. Just go see it; it really can't be described on a single page!

  • Sue's Truck Stop
    Great site with lots of trucking info & links, and she writes poetry too.

    A database for shippers to find carriers to transport their freight. Check it out and get your trucking company listed.

  • The Truckers Place
    Cool graphics & links to all kinds of trucking information.

  • Lil' Cherokee's House of Chaos
    Trucking, military, & family stuff from a pretty lady in the Navy.

  • Metro Express Transportation Services, Inc.
    Homepage of Metro Express, St Louis, MO

  • KWFlatbed's Homepage
    Tons of links, chat rooms, webrings, & other truck stuff.

  • Freedom Microphone
    For the CB ratchet-jaws there is now an easier way. Check it out.

  • IMAX4's Truckdriver Homepages
    Links to trucking-related sites and Truck Talk chat.

    The Next Generation Carrier Service Directory

  • Brn2truck's Page
    Interesting personal homepage of a trucker.

  • Tagalong's Personal Lady Trucker Homepage
    Pretty cool personal homepage.

  • Jammer's Home Page
    Personal homepage of a Canadian trucker who also seems to be quite a computer whiz.

  • M/M Ute Inc. Homepage
    Well-done Company Homepage of M/M Ute Inc. featuring exclusive use hotshots.

  • Fast Trac Transportation Co. Homepage
    Company homepage of Fast Trac Transportation Co. of Winthrop and Worcester MA

  • S&L Trucking Homepage
    Homepage of S&L Trucking of Allen Park MI

  • Trucker Jimmy's Homepage
    Personal homepage with some very interesting stuff. Take the trucking history trivia quiz.

  • Truckerr's Trucking And Transportation Page
    Trucking information and links

  • Lnghood359's Home Page
    Personal homepage of trucker Lnghood359 with trucking and racing links

  • Kriska Holdings Ltd. Homepage
    Very nice company homepage of Kriska Transportation, warehousing, and logistics operations.

  • The Alberta Truck Cop's Page
    You might run into Ken Pollard at the Alberta scalehouse but you'll have no worries if you check out his Alberta trucking information. Take a look at the rest of the site too for other cool stuff.

  • John's Trucking Page
    Homepage of Tennesee trucker John Boegly, a driver for Youngblood Truck Lines out of Knoxville.

  • F.R.I.C. (Finding Routes Into Customers)
    This is the direction lady for Washington State and the surrounding areas. She also has tons of other trucking info and links.

  • Longhauler's Homepage
    Homepage of a Canadian driver with awesome graphics & lots of great trucking info & links.

  • Professional Pilot Car Homepage
    This is the homepage of Professional Pilot Car of Sauk Village, IL, just south of Chicago. Lots of info, bulletin board & chat, links to other escort services on the web.

  • Zesta's Homepage
    Zesta is a 1961 GMC "Crackerbox" owned by a Kentucky owner-operator. Not too many of these left.

  • The Freighthauler
    A communication site for LTL truckers. Message boards, chat, and freighthauler news & commentary.

  • Trailer Truck'n Tips and Tools
    Homepage of veteran driver Craig Furniss from Wisconsin. Lots of useful information & tips to make life easier on the road.

  • Heavy Duty Truck Owner-Operator Resource Site
    Lots of links to information and other resources compliments of

  • Express Leasing, Inc.
    Homepage of Express Leasing, a full service trucking company.

  • Supertrucker
    Homepage of Supertrucker, an ex-marine who says he is just trying to have fun.

    Truckers Site With 2 Pages of Links Comedy,Maps,Jeff Foxworthy, & Super Fred The Desk Top Buddy.

  • GSNet
    Global Sourcing Network, where you can search for trucks and heavy equipment or place an ad to sell some.

  • Hank's Truck Picture Collection
    Nice collection of old trucks and some newer ones too.

  • Obie 1 Enterprises
    Post your truck or load at this trucking site.

  • Jilly's Place, the interactive site for today's professional driver. Check it out!

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