Our Available Equipment

Here are some of the types of trailers we have available to transport your loads. With these specialized trailers, we can move your freight safely and efficiently, instead of wasting your time and money finding out that you can't haul a crane on a pickup truck.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailer

The flatbed trailer is the workhorse of the trucking industry. Lengths from 45' to 53', deck height usually 58" to 60". The stretch trailer, usually 48' in the closed position, extends to lengths of 70' to 80'

Stepdeck Trailers

Stepdeck Trailers

The most versatile trailer in specialized transportation, stepdecks are usually 48' or 53' long with lower deck length of 37' to 43', and heights as low as 32" or 36", more commonly found at 38" to 42". The extendable stepdeck stretches to fit those long loads, with lower deck lengths possible of 65' to 70'

Double Drop Trailers

Double-Drop Trailers

Double-drop trailers have a low deck in the center, known as the "well", to accommodate high loads that would be too tall on other trailers. Length of the well is usually 25' to 30', with deck heights as low as 12" but more often 18" to 24". The extendable double-drop has the added capability of extending the length of the well to as much as 50'to 53'

RGN Trailers

Double-Drop RGN Trailers
(Removable Goose Neck)

Commonly known in the industry as a "detach", this trailer is mainly used for hauling construction equipment, cranes, forklifts, and other self-propelled equipment that can be driven on and off. The goosneck detaches and is pulled away from the lower deck along with the tractor to clear the way to drive the load onto the trailer. The RGN is found in various configurations of deck types (flat floor, beam, or drop side), lengths, and heights, and variable configurations of axles. We have one available to fit your load.

Multi Axle Combination Trailer

Multi-Axle Combination Trailers

The really heavy loads get moved on these high capacity trailers. They are available in many combinations of axles and spacings. We can match one to your specific requirements.

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