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Murphy's Law as it applies to trucking

If there is a 50% chance that something can go wrong, 9 times out of 10 it will.

We were headed for the computer supply store the other day to get a digital camera so we could put all kinds of cool pictures on these pages, but Murphy's Law got involved and we had to spend the camera money on a clutch for a truck. I don't know why this wound up on the fun page. Maybe I'll start a serious page.

Everyone likes to have fun. I've found that truckers like to have lots of fun. Here's a few things most drivers like and I hope you will too. Come back and look for more fun stuff here since I could be struck by an inspiration at any time.

Here's a little cat for your mouse

This will download a small(28k) program that can be fun to play with when the phone isn't ringing. It has been checked for viruses and it won't shed all over your computer. The kids like it, too. Save it on your desktop or in its own directory, then just double-click the little cat & he will chase your mouse.

NASCAR RACING If there's a race running you can bet it's on in the TV room at the truckstop. Here's all the Nascar info you could want, including up-to-date official race results.

HOG HEAVEN Lots of truckdrivers wear Harley-Davidson shirts & hats. I suspect a few of them actually own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Check out Harley's home page.

STURGIS BIKE WEEK All you want to know about the motorcycle races & rally held the first week of August in Sturgis, SD.

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